A student who has passed High school certificate Examination conducted by Board of secondary Education, Odisha or any other equivalent examination recognized by the B.S.E. Odisha is eligible to take admission provided he/she fulfils the admission criteria as determined by SAM(student Admission Management) an integral past or e-admission.




  1. According to the course structure there shall be one examination to be conducted by the college at the end of 1st year basing on the curriculum meant for that year and examination at the end of the 2nd year to be conducted by the Council basing on the curriculum meant for that year only.(Pass certificates will be awarded to successful candidates basing on the performance in the council examination to be held at the end of 2nd year only.)
  2. The examination at the end of 1st year shall be for 700 marks (including 100marks for Environmental Education) and the examination at the end of 2nd year is of 600 marks. Marks secured in the examination to be conducted at the end of the 1st year shall be considered for promotion of students to the 2nd year class.
  3. Besides English and M.I.L  Environmental Education (EE) shall also be compulsory subject. But Environmental Education will be taught only in the 1st year and examination for Environmental Education will be conducted by the college at the end of the 1st year.
  4. Restriction on selection of optional ( henceforth called as elective) subjects will be the main feature in the new course structure. There shall be no extra optional subject instead each student has to offer four elective subjects as detailed in Annexure ‘A’

Rules for Admission

The college offers teaching facilities in Arts, science and commerce steams at +2 level, which are of two years duration and affiliated to council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha.

Seat Strength : intake capacity

      (i)Arts      192 Seats

      (ii)Commerce   64 seats

      (iii)Science    64 seats

Admission to the course:

2.1 Any student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination of C.H.S.E., Odisha or any other qualifying examination recognized by the Academic Council of C.H.S.E., Odisha as equivalent there to may be admitted to the +3 1st years of this  courses.

2.2   No student shall ordinarily be admitted into the +3 1st year of the course four weeks (including holidays and Sundays) after date of publication of results of the Annual higher Secondary Examination of the Council of Higher Secondary Education Odisha or after the reopening of the summer vacation which  ever is later, In exceptional cases , the appropriate authority may nothing the last date of admission.

2.3  Candidates who for some valid reasons ,are unable to take admission within the prescribed date under regulation 2.2 above ,may however be admitted in to a college within two weeks (including holidays and Sunday)from the last date of admission with a late fee as prescribed by the University. The Principal of the college shall intimate the names of such candidates and their dates of admission and shall remit the late fee collected to the University in one lot within two weeks from the date such late admission.

2.4 Candidates who have taken late admission ,on payment of the late fee ,shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of such admission.

2.5 Candidates passing the instant higher Secondary Examination of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha may be admitted in to the college within two weeks(including holidays and Sundays) after the publications of their results provided that the candidates maybe admitted within one week there after with a late fee as prescribed by the University for each candidate. A candidate so admitted shall have the percentage of lecture’s counted from the date of his/her admission.

2.6Admission to the second and Third year class shall completed within                                                                                                                 two weeks of the reopening of the college without waiting of the publication of results of that the students may be admitted to the second or third year, as the case may be, within a further period of two weeks,(including Sunday and Holidays)on payment of late fee as prescribed to the University for each student.

2.7 A candidate whose results of results of Higher Secondary Examination are published late by the Examination Authority, may be admitted into the college with in two weeks of the publication of his/her % results depending on the availability of seats.

Change of Subject(s)

   A candidate  who has been admitted into the college with particular subject(s) or combination of subjects into the first year may be allowed change of subject (s) or combination of subjects by the Principal 30 days after, the last date of admission in to first year course.

      The above mention rules & regulations regarding admission to different caurses are likely to be changed after the introduction and implementation of e-admission by the Dept. of Higher Education Govt.of Odisha in both (+2,+3) the wings. from the session 2010-2011 onwards.

The college shall strictly adher to the different rules and regulations & guidelines prescribed by the Govt.of Odisha from time to time.