The name of every student is entered in the attendance register after admission for general lectures and in the concerned practical and tutorials. It is the duty of a students to find out whereher  his/her name has been entered in the concerned registers otherwise he/she  should meet the lecturer in charge of admission. The principal will not entertain any complaint at a later stage if a student fell short of the prescribed percentage of attendance that his/her name has not been entered in the appropriate register in time.



1.In each session students are required to attend in each subject minimum of 75%lectures,practcticals and tutorials calculated separately ,in order to be eligible for promotion to the next higher class or for being sent up for the Council or University examination.

2.In case of illness supported by Medical Certificate the Council or the University Considers application for condo nation of shortage of attendance, only if the shortage is less than 15%.

3.The University may also grant condo nation to a further extent 5% in case of those who represented in Council or University competitions.

4.There is rule to helpa student in case his or her percentage of attendance falls below the irreducible minimum of 75% during an academic session.

5. The percentage of attendance of all students will be notified on the college Notice Board from time to time for information.

6.A candidate failing at a Council or University examination may appear at the same examination without further attendance of lectures.




  1. Free studentship

Free studentship are granted to the poor and meritorious students of the college. The principal shall invite application for the same from students in a prescribed from available in the college office. Applications are required to appear before an Interview Board for the purpose. Poverty-cum-merit serves as the sole basis for the grant of free studentship.


N.B.:-Free ship can be with-drawn in the case of irregularity , indiscipline and In-consistency in the academic standard of the recipient.


  1. Scolarship

The following scholarship and financial assistance are awarded the Govt.and tenable by the eligible students studying here.

1.National scolaship-

Ordinarily the students who have secured 70% marks in aggregate in the H.S.C .Examination are likely to get this scholarship.

2.National Loan scholarship-

To apply for this scholarship the students must have secured 50% marks in their previous Examinations.

3.Junior Merit Scolarship-

The students who have secured 60% aggregate in the H.S Examination are eligible to apply. The students passing in supplementary examinations are not eligible.

4.Senior Merit Scholarship-

Awarded on the basic of H.S .Marks to the students of degree classes. Metric-Scholarship-

Stipends are given to the S.C. and S.T. students from the T.R.W. department Govt. of Odisha.

6.Freedom fighter’s scholarship-

Awarded to the children of freedom fighters.

7.Teacher’s children Scholarship-

 Awarded to the children of primary or secondary school teachers on all Odisha basis, whose aggregate mark is at least 60% in H.S.C. Examination.

8.Aid to the children of Ex-service Men-

Aid available from the Government of Odisha to the children of Ex-servicemen.

9.National science Talent scholarship-

Awarded on the basis of a competitive examination held in eachcalender year.

10.orthopadically Handicapped Scholarship-

Awarded to the lame , deaf and orthopedically handicapped students .Their age should be between 17 to30 years. The candidates must have secured at least 40% marks in the H.S.C/ H.S Examination.