1.   National Scholarship : Deserving students are selected by the Govt. of Orissa in order of merit.

2.   National Loan Scholarship : national loan Scholarship is awarded to the students reading in various classes who have secured 50% of marks in the Annual High School certificate and +2  examination.

3.   Post Matric Stipends to the students of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe.

4.   Scholarship for deaf, blind and orthopedically handicapped   students: such student must apply in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the office of the District Social Welfare  Officer.

5.   Junior College Scholarship : The Junior College Scholarship on merit cum poverty is awarded to the students on the result of Annual C.H.S.E. Examination 

6.   Scholarship and aids to the children of political sufferers.

7.   Educational concession to the children and dependents of    service personnel and Ex-servicemen.

8.   A student in receipt of one of the above scholarships is not eligible to get another scholarship, without the prior permission of the Director of Public Instruction, Orissa, Bhubaneswar.

9.   Post Matric Scholarship are awarded by the Tribal and Rural Welfare Department and the other Scholarships are awarded by the Director of Public Instruction, Orissa, Bhubaneswar. 


                  Free studentship and half free studentship are granted to the poor student and deserving students of the college. The  Principal invites applications for the same from students in a    prescribed form available in the college office. Applicants are  required to appear before an interview. Poverty cum- merit serves as the sole basis for the grant of Free and Half Free Studentship.


      Financial Assistance is granted to the deserving poor students from this fund.


      The following prizes are awarded to the students.

1.   Dinabandhu Memorial Prize Rs.100/- per year founded in 1978 from funds contributed by Sri Radhakrishna Sahoo.

2.   Nabin Sahu Memorial Prize Rs. 120/- per year founded in 1978 from funds contributed by Sri Radhakrishna Sahoo.

3.   Prahallad Memorial Prize.

4.   Chitrakala Dibya 1st Prize.

5.   Chitrakala Dibya 2nd Prize.

6.   Bharat Memorial Prize.

7.   Nazir Babu Jagannath Mishra Memorial Prize.

8.   Shrimati Shrimati Devi Memorial Prize.

9.   Raj kumar Memorial Prize.